Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Joy and happiness of sharing with "strangers" 和“陌生人”分享的快乐

        After hosting a few charitable events under Tian Hong Foundation, I have experienced this unprecedented joy in my heart in sharing with people I haven't met before. This kind of joy, is like witnessing the first cherry tree blossoming in the Spring, or hearing a melodious flute in a summer night with watery moonlight, or caressing a baby and kissing her tender cheeks. Because it is a non-profit platform, the giver doesn't expect any returns, and the recipient can receive with no guilt, both sides are light-hearted, and there is this pure, kind, warm and soft atmosphere in the air.

        This time, we gathered some children who like arts. Everybody got to share their own artworks. Our guest speaker Danuta Hutchins, a linguist and artist then shared her own experience in pursuing arts, and gave the young attendees coloring books and color pencils as gifts, thus to encourage them to go further in this artistic field that advocates beauty and love.

        Sometimes I think with the very advanced technology nowadays, people can find almost anything on the Internet, what makes them to still go to a place in person to obtain? I suppose it is the atmosphere that can only be seen, smelled and touched with face-to-face, and the love that only real people can share. Yes, there is almost everything on the Internet, but no warm embrace, no eye contact, no dialogue at that moment, and no emotional support provided by a soft, fraternal heart. These are the human love and care that the Internet can not share and provide.

        Ever since we grow up, when we have good things to share, we always share with our own relatives and friends. How can I share with you if I have never met you? Even if I would like to share, people whom I am sharing with may be at unease.  Most people do things for a purpose, sharing with no expectation of return among strangers is almost unbelievable. However, the non profit platforms have built the bridge among strangers. We can be strangers, but through this platform, you can trust me, accept what I share, thus also accept the care, and the love. And the giver, on the other hand, through sharing, will experience another level of joy and happiness in life. We should thank each other, but there is also absolutely no need to thank each other. What a relaxing, zero-burden sharing!

        I hope more people will have the opportunity to experience this kind of sharing, whether you are the giver or the recipient. A good social system may greatly encourage the sharing among strangers.






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Unknown said...

Dear Susan,
this was an uplifting, caring event that warmed my heart and quickened its beat in joy. You, and all the atendees, especially the budding artists, have my unending grattitude for allowing me to share a special moment in our lives. You are a verygenerous and caring soul, thank you for inviting me to be a part of this lovely, inspiring event, and thank you for moderating to make me deliver my points effectively and in good manner. Thank you to all who have spend theese few hours in the sun filled space where the Earth's Sunq was surpassedw by the Sun emanatingfrom our hearts. Thank you to The foundation that you created for betternment of humanity! Affectionately, Danutass