Monday, May 18, 2020

花开在眼前 When flowers blossom

When we are aware flowers are blossoming right in front of us, these can be the most beautiful moments in life.

In that moment, wind is quiet, Spring is yet to flourish, a cherry tree blossoms in front of me, ethereal and misty, it is like a dream not awaken;

In this moment, the moon has risen, the night is cool, you are standing right there, with your arms open, your eyes are filled with tenderness and caress.

There are many flashes of blossoming moments in life, it is just so easy that we miss the chance to sense the present attentively. 

In this moment, my little cat Mimi walks over, she settles herself on my knees softly, I caress her smooth furs, I realize this moment of tenderness is just as beautiful as the flower blossoms.

There are also many blossoming moments that only came to our awareness after many years.

One chilly early Spring, golden flowers splashed the field, two lovers held each other's hands, with dedicated eye glaze and lingering foot steps;

One sunny afternoon, merrily and playfully, a five year old boy ran across the vast grassland with white dandelions.

Also one uneventful morning, sitting in front of my mom, we casually chatted, the roses were blossoming quietly on the balcony.

Moments of blossoming are those time when fine people, or things, or matters exist in our present. Sometimes blossoms come to our sight, brilliant, colorful, eye-catching;  Sometimes blossoms come to our smell, fragrant, refreshing, lingering; Sometimes blossoms come to our touch, soft, smooth, tender; Sometimes blossoms come to hearing, pure, melodious, like sound from heaven; Sometimes blossoms come to the heart, touching, grateful, and loving;

I pause my steps, and try to appreciate all the moments when flowers blossom.












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